Sean Slatter Biography

Sean Slatter
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sean Slatter

Mr. Slatter is the President and Chief Executive Officer of LSI, the world’s leading government business development
consulting firm. LSI serves a broad spectrum of private, public, and social sector clients. The company has 65 locations and
over 1,600 consultants positioned around the world.

Mr. Slatter joined LSI as a consultant in 1992. After serving in various executive positions, he acquired the company from
the original five principals in 1996. Under Mr. Slatter’s leadership, LSI has captured more than $300 billion U.S. dollars
annually for its clients. Mr. Slatter has perosonally developed win strategies for numerous Fortune 500 companies
including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, UTC, 3M, and BASF.

Mr. Slatter continues to expand his vision as he leads the company with an innovative mission extending around the
globe. In 2005, he created a division of LSI dedicated to economic development and social impact. Over the past two
decades, LSI has worked with Federal, State, and municipal entities to create thousands of new jobs. LSI’s economic
development and social impact teams have successufly transformed communities, market sectors, and demographics
around the world.

Mr. Slatter has received numerous awards including: the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) business of the year, the
Univesity of Utah’s Distiguished Alumni Award, Davis Chamber Business of the Year, and Utah Business Magazine’s 40
Under 40 award. Mr. Slatter holds a degree in Public Sector Economics from the University of Utah. He is the father of
five children.