Webinar-Special Briefing on the Security Market in Europe

July 9, 2020

The value of the global Critical Infrastructure Protection market was estimated to be over $100 billion in 2019 with Europe leading its way. The increasing demand for security measures against terrorist attacks and for controlling the business assets in Europe has represented the main opportunities for U.S. physical security companies for a while. Moreover, in today’s context there is an increased focus on contact free screening and security technologies.

Yet the European security market is very fragmented and it is challenging for U.S. companies to navigate through complex procurement and ever changing landscape. The recent global events shook the industry even more and the importance of up to date market intelligence and information on the current business climate is clear. This webinar aims to help companies to understand the most recent developments and enable them to make strategic decisions at this crucial crossroad.

During this FREE webinar, you will:

  • Receive industry insights on the homeland security and critical infrastructure protection market in Europe
  • Learn about the latest trends, upcoming projects and priorities, procurement landscape, and trade barriers
  • Hear directly from security experts on the ground, for real-time information on how the markets are changing and which direction is best to focus your resources
  • Engage with the U.S. Embassy team and learn how we can assist you virtually in this new environment

Come hear from  U.S. Embassy experts from:  United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, and Romania, with France and Sweden on the line for Q&A

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