WEBINAR: Find Business Opportunities though FREE Market Intelligence!

July 7, 2020

The NH BEA and NHADEC are collaborating with NHMEP to provide free customized market research to a select group of qualified companies seeking to grow their technologies or products into new markets.

This federally funded program is designed to assist DOD contractors and sub-contractors in diversifying their market share. A 2-hour informational webinar on July 28th will provide information on the specifics of the Technology-driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) program and is open to all companies interested in exploring this unique opportunity.

This FREE program (for qualifying companies) is designed to use technology-driven market research to help you determine what markets might be good for your products, as well as what potential challenges there may be to pursuing a certain product or a certain market. This market research will be tailored to your company and your needs!

What is TDMI?
A structured program, which provides a systematic approach to technology-focused market research. TDMI utilizes a proven process and robust tool set developed by RTI International, a non-profit research institute that has been providing TDMI for NASA and other technology clients for 50 years.

TDMI can help companies:

  • Understand asset strengths to capitalize and develop.
  • Understand asset weaknesses and manage them effectively.
  • Determine if investing resources in the technology or product is valuable.
  • Decide how to leverage the asset if appropriate.
  • Identify and engage potential partners to help commercialize the asset in the best market spaces.

If you’re interested in registering for a free webinar on July 28 to see if you’re eligible and how this program can mean more business opportunities for you, click the link below!

See our calendar for more information on how to register!