“Vetworking” Social at Murphy’s Taproom in Bedford (new location)

April 26, 2018

On the 15th of May, AUSA and ASIS will “host” a “Vetworking” social. This event, to be held at Murphy’s Taproom in Bedford (the new one) on 101, is a chance for Veterans to mix in a social environment and network with others looking for jobs and advice for finding jobs. It is really a “No-Host” event as everyone who attends pays for their own refreshments and there is no cover charge to attend and participate. This is an opportunity for employers to also attend so they can meet some potential employees. Unlike a Career Fair/Job Fair, there will not be any tables where candidates walk up to the table and talk to them; everyone is free to mix and talk to each other without the pressure of being inundated with resumes. Through this social, many Veterans who attend can learn what companies are looking for; how they can tailor their resumé to their own personal skills to meet the needs of employers; and get advice from employers who are looking for responsible and conscientious employees. For employers, this event is a way to meet people that have proven they can take on responsibility and are willing to work hard, all in a relaxed setting. Employers, feel free to send your employees who don’t normally get involved in the hiring process but are closer to the age of these veterans, or are Veterans themselves, and give them give them a chance to meet and talk to potential candidates and they can come back to the office and talk about those they met.

I hope this event appeals to the members of NHADEC. This is our first event of this kind so we are guessing the numbers of Veterans will be about 20 to 30. Additionally, ASIS (the American Society for Industrial Security) is co-sponsoring the event as a means to attract more women to the security field. I am a member of ASIS as well and we were going to have a separate event for “Women in Security” in February and March but both dates were snowed out. So, we decided to team up with AUSA to make the event more attractive to folks to attend.

If you have any questions about the event or if any members have questions, feel free to contact me. I very much hope some NHADEC members send folks to the event so the Veterans feel it is worth their time. Many are frustrated because they do not know potential employers and/or they do not know what employers are looking for so they can tailor their resume to the skills needed from what they have done in the past. AUSA is hoping to bridge that gap between the Veterans and the employer community.



Gregory M. d’Arbonne
Colonel Edward Cross Chapter President
The Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
C: 978-604-8835
H: GDarbo6844@aol.com