US Naval Study

April 5, 2017

A Note from NHADEC Board Member…

Chris Pegge, VP Business Development, MARMON Aerospace & Defense, LLC

Phone: 603-518-1746

Mobile: 401-440-7460


“The current Administration and Congress support a dramatic increase in the US Navy’s strength and capabilities centered around a 12 carrier fleet and around a 350 ship Navy.  This would create a significant increase in investment and hiring across the Industrial base supporting the US Navy.  To support this case, the Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Coalition (ACIBC), among other industry groups, wants to demonstrate the economic impact on its many regions and communicate this to the congressional representatives in each affected district.  A NH focused analysis that the ACIBC prepared is available here.  We feel it is understated.

If you have US Navy related business opportunities or are actively supporting HIII-Newport News directly or indirectly, please feel free to contact me or let the ACIBC know.  Economic studies have suggested that moving from an 11 to a 12 carrier fleet would represent a nearly 20% increase in spending on shipboard related industrial base activity over decades to come.”