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November 2, 2017

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US DoD FY18 Budget – Congressional SITREP

Wednesday 8 November – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)

The FY18 President’s Budget Request (PBR) (Base Budget and Overseas Contingency Operations) was submitted on 23 May 2017. Three of the four US Congressional Committees with jurisdiction in defense matters have completed their reviews and published their recommendations to support, change, “mark” or transfer funds from one line item to another for each Program, Project and Activity (PPA). These reports form the basis for the Authorization Conference and Appropriations Conference to be held sometime after the start of the new fiscal year. The process will be completed upon signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and Department of Defense Appropriations Act near year end.

This briefing will present the current situation regarding the FY18 PBR featuring recommendations made by the four Congressional Committees, published as follows:

• House Armed Services Committee (HASC) Report of 6 July 2017
• Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) Report of 10 July 2017
• House Appropriations Committee (HAC) Report of 13 July 2017
• Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) Funding Guidance (only) of 20 July 2017
• Information for Procurement and RDT&E programs will be presented via charts displaying the most impactful recommendations grouped by Committee Report and by military service.
• This event represents a unique opportunity to gain specific insight from senior IHS Jane’s analysts regarding the current situation with respect to the FY18 Congressional markup process. .

Speakers include:

• Guy Eastman – Senior Research Analyst II, Jane’s Defense Budgets
• Diane Janeway – Principal Research Analyst
• Mark Bobbi – Principal Research Analyst, Military Aircraft
• Nelson Fisk – Principal Research Analyst, Military Ground Vehicles
• Dennis Murphy – Senior Research Analyst II, Cyber Operations
• Julie Tilson – Senior Research Analyst II, Simulation & Training

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Global Aircraft Carrier Operations

Thursday 9 November – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)

Despite cyclical debates on the sustainability and actual value-for-money of large aircraft carrier (CV) programmes, naval operators with global foreign policy ambitions still rely on said platforms to achieve robust sea control and long-range maritime power projection. A number of countries worldwide are currently looking to either maintain or expand their existing capabilities in this domain, each with a specific path set for the procurement.

This briefing will examine these acquisition more in depth, assessing the trajectory of global carrier programmes from an operational and technological standpoint. Specifically, Jane’s expert will investigate developments in selected aircraft carrier programmes, covering topics like:

• The global market outlook for aircraft carriers
• China’s aircraft carrier developments, including construction progress on the second carrier and insight into how the first aircraft carrier, Liaoning, is transforming operations within the service, and an assessment of the future of China’s carrier operations
• Progress on the Indian Navy’s future aircraft carrier INS Vikrant
• US carrier developments, including a discussion on the Ford-class aircraft carrier programme, its new technology, predeployment testing of the first ship, equipment focus and changes to construction techniques and processes in the follow-on ships

Speakers include:

• Alex Pape – Principal Naval Analyst
• Michele Capeleto – Naval Analyst
• Ridzwan Rahmat – Senior Asia-Pacific Naval Reporter
• Mike Fabey – Americas Naval Reporter

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Global Terrorism and Insurgency Trends ’17

Thursday 16 November – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)
This briefing, presented by analysts from Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC), will examine key theatres of terrorist and insurgent activity over the past 12 months. The presentation will be in several parts.

The team will briefly present an overview of key non-state armed group trends globally over the course of the year, including an examination of the most violent countries, most active groups, and notable operational developments.

JTIC analysts will then present on a topic of significant relevance within their specific areas of regional focus, and will include examinations of the following:

• Beyond the Islamic State – the national and international threat, and the future of Islamist militancy
• Dissident republican violence in the UK and the degradation of militant capabilities
• The Rohingya insurgency and attempted militant Islamist appropriation.

Speakers include:

• Matthew Henman – Associate Director, JTIC
• Chris Hawkins – Analyst, JTIC
• Kemi Barca – Analyst, JTIC

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The Dragon’s Shield:
China’s Strategic SAM Force

Thursday 30 November – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)

During the latter half of the 20th Century, the Chinese strategic SAM force relied primarily on domestically produced versions of the elderly Soviet S-75 SAM system, produced and fielded in China as the HQ-2. A thawing of relations with the former Soviet Union around the time of the latter’s disintegration opened the Chinese export market to more advanced Russian systems, with the S-300PMU quickly procured.

Rapid technological advances in the domestic air defence industry and the import of additional modern Russian strategic SAM systems have evolved the Chinese SAM network into a potent force, providing China with a defensive umbrella around key regions of the country.

This briefing will examine the missile systems employed by the Chinese strategic SAM network, assess the capabilities of the network as a whole, and explore future capabilities as forthcoming systems are brought into service. Specifically, IHS experts will cover the following:

• Current geographic disposition of forces within the strategic SAM network, highlighting recent developments noted over the past decade
• Network capabilities including system locations and coverage gaps, including the Taiwan Strait region
• Forthcoming systems including the S-400
• Potential impact on the export market

Speakers include:

• Sean O’Connor – Principal Research and Imagery Analyst, Aerospace, Defence & Security.

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