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June 5, 2018
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Developments in the military ground vehicles market

Thursday 7 June – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)

This Intelligence Briefing will give an overview of the military ground vehicles market in armoured fighting vehicles, artillery, air defence and logistic vehicles. It will also look at top suppliers and end users in the market and provide a review of key trends and drivers that are influencing vehicle development and spending in the future.

  • Global military vehicle forecast for the next decade including top level analysis and highlights
  • Overview and analysis of the biggest buyers, suppliers and functional segments within the market
  • Key technological trends and drivers for the global market
Speakers include:
  • Oscar Widlund – Senior Analyst, Land Warfare Platforms and Editor, Jane’s Artillery & Air Defence
  • Jon Hawkes – Land Desk Manager, Jane’s

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Heading for the exit: Defence and the UK’s departure from the European Union

Thursday 28 June – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)

The United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union in March 2019, marking the beginning of a new and currently uncertain period.

Two years on from the monumental decision to leave the EU, the security and economic environment of the UK has shifted. Within this new context, Jane’s will explore the defence market implications of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, covering cross-border military development and procurement co-operation; procurement practices; defence industrial issues; and defence investment. The budgetary outlook for the UK and remaining EU defence markets will also be explored.

Jane’s experts will cover:

  • The outlook for intra-EU defence industrial co-operation
  • The prognosis for ongoing defence industrial co-operation between the UK and the EU
  • The implications for defence industrial consolidation and investment
  • The implications for procurement practices within the EU and UK
  • The defence spending landscape and the outlook for EU and UK military budgets into the next decade
Speakers include:
  • Guy Anderson – Associated Director, Jane’s Defence Industry,
    Markets and Budgets.
  • Fenella McGerty – Principal Analyst, Jane’s Defence Budgets

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Maximising capabilities: Multi-use aircraft in Latin America

Wednesday 11 July – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)

Jane’s classes dual-use aircraft as those that have been acquired for both military and commercial purposes, and that are flexibly operated in either domain.
The dual-use concept is particularly wide in Latin America or LATAM, especially in mountainous and remote areas, undertaking paramilitary, medical evacuation missions, or disaster relief missions.

This briefing will examine dual-use aircraft, fixed and rotary wing and UAVs, in the LATAM region. Specifically, IHS experts will cover:

  • Regional and country-specific defence budgets, with a focus on the largest user countries comprising Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru;
  • Regional threats and requirements through Military Capabilities;
  • Dual-use fixed-wing, rotorcraft and unmanned aircraft types;
  • Dual use transport and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capability;
  • Markets forecast in the region, with a focus on transport and ISR missions.
Speakers include:
  • Beatrice Bernardi – Senior Analyst, Air platforms
  • John Sneller – Manager, Jane’s Air Desk
  • Charles Hollosi – Senior Analyst, Military Aviation
  • Mark Bobbi – Principal Analyst, Aviation
  • Andrew MacDonald – Senior Analyst, Defence Budgets
  • Catarina Santos – Analyst, Military Capabilities

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