U.S. Commercial Service Aerospace and Defense Trade Leads

October 5, 2018

Aerospace and Defense Trade Leads

NHADEC has received the following aerospace and defense trade leads as part of our strategic partnership with the U.S. Commercial Service ( www.export.gov).  The overseas posts of the USCS frequently receive inquiries regarding products and services that foreign companies or governments need that American companies can provide.  The following are the most recent trade leads generated by those inquiries. 

Should you be interested in pursuing any trade leads, we ask that you please contact the listed originating trade specialist, as well as, Justin Oslowski, Director, New Hampshire, US Commercial Service.

Latvia – Riga International Airport Construction

Latvia Riga International Airport has announced a tender worth 14.782 million EUR (excluding VAT) to build 5th apron of the airport. The tender submissions are due November 5, 2018 and constructions should be completed in 17 months. Some of the requirements for the bidders include: the company has to have a 28 million EUR average turnover in last three years as well as experience in participating in at least two road construction projects and/or transport infrastructure construction projects during last five years as a general contractor. The minimum volume of road construction projects needs to be 50,000 m2, and total construction costs no less than 14 million EUR (excluding VAT). The bidder has to have experience in participating in a project of building at least one civil airfield as a general contractor, which should have included road construction of at least 40,000 m2 as well as construction of water and ground lighting systems. The total value of the project should have been no less than 7 million EUR. In addition, the experience should include works of setting up power supply systems.  

For more information that is available click here.

Deadline: November 5, 2018

Contact: Tuula Ahlstrom (tuula.ahlstrom@trade.gov)


Israel – Air Traffic control Automation System

The Israeli Airports Authority is inviting suppliers to participate in the pre-qualification stage of a tender for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of an air traffic control automation system for Ben Gurion airport.  The purpose of the PQ process is to identify Eligible Participants (as defined under Section 11), who comply with all PQ requirements, and who will be invited by the IAA to participate in the subsequent competitive tender process and submit their bids. The number of participants to be announced as eligible is not limited.

Announcement and Contact Information is available here.

Deadline: will provide shortly

Contact: Yael Torres (yael.torres@trade.gov)


Barbados – Airport Security Camera Upgrade

Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) in Christ Church Barbados is seeking providers to 1) assess and design and then 2) upgrade and expand its system of airport security cameras.  Project scope:

·       To improve security by ensuring adequate coverage in all areas as well as examine the possibility of including facial recognition features in the system, hence improving image quality;

·       To remove blind spots in the terminal and be able to follow a person’s movements through the terminal and in the immediate vicinity of the terminal;

·       To expand coverage in selected areas of the airfield and along our fence line;

·       To improve low light camera coverage;

·       To enhance storage and retrieval systems;

·       To examine and advise regarding the possibility of implementing secure remote monitoring;

·       To improve monitoring systems and procedures and assist in the development of protocols;

·       To improve service standards through monitoring of queues and other passenger flow choke points. 

Tendering process:

·       Phase 1 – Project Assessment & Design – GAIA is seeking a qualified company to conduct an assessment of the current system and then provide recommendations on how to meet the requirement.  The authority has budgeted up to $150,000 for assessment consultation. 

·       Phase 2 – Project Implementation – After the assessment phase the airport authority will execute an open tendering process.  Budget for the overall project will depend on assessment findings.

Eligibility: Supplier must meet U.S. Commercial Service requirements; a) be export ready and b) be a U.S. company that meets U.S. content requirements.   Companies that only provide a single stand-alone product are not a good fit by themselves.  Providers must be able to conduct the complete packet of either Phase 1, Phase 2, or both Phases.   

Note – Procurement for the two phases will be conducted independently so it is possible that different companies will be selected for the two phases or to have a single company that wins both phases. 

Deadline: October 12, 2018 (please reach out even if the deadline has passed)  – The U.S. Embassy in Barbados has received an official request for assistance from the airport authority.  In response, the U.S. Department of Commerce, together with the U.S. Department of State, are generating a list of suppliers to be provided to the airport. 

Contact: Andrew Billard (Andrew.Billard@trade.gov) and Maria Portorreal (Maria.Portorreal@trade.gov) to be included in the list.  Please email Andrew and Maria for information on how to receive the contact at Grantley Adams International Airport.