NHADEC Press Release on Jane’s by IHS Markit Subscription

October 13, 2017


Editor’s Note: Press Release written by Nathaniel Nelson of the New Hampshire Office of International Commerce and Board Member of NHADEC.

The New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Export Consortium (NHADEC) announced the renewal of their Jane’s by IHS Markit market research products subscription for its members. Under this free subscription, consortium members will be able to access Jane’s Markets Forecast, Defense Sector Budgets and topic-specific online Intelligence Briefings. These market research services will present tremendous value to NHADEC members as services specialize in market such as anti-submarine, commercial aircrafts, military aircrafts and unmanned systems–all  of which are currently markets NHADEC members conduct their business in. (Complete list of markets at the bottom of this post.)

IHS Markit is known for having the “deepest intelligence across the widest set of capital-intensive industries and markets” and its Jane’s online delivery program is considered the world’s leading open-source resource for aerospace, defense & security. With this reason in mind, NHADEC has partnered with IHS Markit to bring all these tools and market knowledge to the entirety of the Consortium.

NHADEC members have benefitted greatly from previous subscriptions of the Jane’s resources and have included Jane’s as a vital component to their strategic planning. Sean Foote, from Transupport, noted their company uses Jane’s in looking for new foreign endeavors. “IHS Jane’s has weekly webinars that they call “Intelligence Briefings,” which really do a good job keeping us up to date on all the defense spending and foreign affairs for Transupport’s target markets. Our account’s custom dashboard remembers all of our searches for commercial and military aircrafts, for the models we service, as well as news and announcements from those target markets. Truly useful information to have when we look to penetrate a new foreign market.” NHADEC member, Brian Ward of Jewell Instruments, states his company’s use of IHS Jane’s for their long-term planning. “IHS Jane’s Markets Forecast has been an excellent tool in searching for everything from top-level markets to drilling down to the military and aerospace market to the platform/program level of our choice (e.g.,: air and missile defense, anti-submarine warfare, commercial aircraft).  It then helps support the focus in our market analysis and in turn make better, informed decision-making on our long-term strategic planning.

If interested in registering for the market research service or joining NHADEC, please contact Dawn Wivell at either (603) 836-4207 or DWivell@NHADEC.com.

*Complete list of Jane’s by IHS Markit Markets Forecast: anti-submarine warfare, C4ISR, C2, commercial aircraft, cyber operations, electro-optical infrared, electronic warfare, ISR, military aircraft, military communication, military ground vehicle, military ship, services, spacecraft, unmanned systems. For more information regarding Jane’s Markets Forecast click here to view their brochure.

Link to Jane's Markets Forecast Brochure