NHADEC: Members Helping Members

July 14, 2022

When the impact of the global pandemic reached the floor of Comstock Industries in Meredith, putting at risk dozens of jobs, COO Randy McKee reached out to the New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Export Consortium. He explains what happened next.

Randy’s story is one example out of many more where NHADEC Members are helping each other to find new business opportunities. This concept of “Members Helping Members” is what NHADEC is meant for, and we’re here to help make these connections happen.

If you are a business in the aerospace, defense, or related sectors and you have a business opportunity or are looking for one, reach out to Bill Bates, Executive Director, via e-mail at this link. Membership in NHADEC brings real value to you and your company by making introductions and connections, like the one in the video, that are truly significant. We are always looking for new members, new opportunities, and especially new successes and stories to tell.

If you’d like to learn more about NHADEC and membership, just reach out to Bill Bates via e-mail today!