NHADEC Member RegDOX Solutions Announces a DFARS Assessment and Compliance Program to Meet the December 31 Deadline

October 2, 2017

With the December 31 DFARS Deadline Less Than 90 Days Away, NHADEC Member RegDOX Solutions Announces a Program for a Free Preliminary Engagement Review of DFARS Assessment and Compliance Needs

Nashua, NH – October 2, 2017 – It is just becoming the focus of many in the federal contracting community that December 31, 2017 is the deadline for compliance with the updated Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) mandatory cybersecurity regulations.  These new DFARS requirements extend to all DoD (Department of Defense) contractors and subcontractors storing, processing and/or creating CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information).

Many challenges exist for those companies just beginning to grapple with DFARS cybersecurity compliance. They need to recognize what is covered. They must discover and document gaps in cybersecurity.  Finally, they must implement and report required controls. Those companies also are just learning that assessments should be accomplished with a third-party assessment organization.

As a provider of those services, RegDOX is particularly interested in helping small to medium sized companies become DFARS-compliant in time.  Backed by agency reviewed and accepted cybersecurity technology, RegDOX assists companies in achieving DFARS compliance through a full gap analysis, remediation planning advice, CUI assessment services, training, and preparation of a reportable plan of action and milestones (“POA&M”).  It is offering these services to SMEs through a program that provides a two-step process: (1) a preliminary, onsite review to scope the effort and prepare an estimate of the time and schedule for a full DFARS assessment, and (2) upon acceptance of the estimates, the full DFARS assessment leading to the required POA&M.  Under the new program, RegDOX for SMEs will credit the fee for the first step against the fee for accomplishing the second step.

As William O’Brien, RegDOX’s CEO said in describing the program,

If your organization handles DFARS technical data and does not have a plan in place to meet the December 31, 2017 compliance deadline, RegDOX can help.  Through its technology and assessment services, RegDOX will be your partner to achieve end-to-end DFARS compliance and will allow you a full credit for preparing for the assessment.

Contact RegDOX before time runs out to get started with the DFARS assessment process.


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