Milpower Source Operates Indian JV to Support Offsets

May 19, 2017

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By Brian Paul

Milpower Source Operates Indian JV to Support Offsets

Belmont, NH – Milpower Source, Inc., a New Hampshire based company, is pleased to share with the NHADEC membership a local solution to satisfy offset requirements for sales in India. A joint venture between Milpower and Multisphere Power Solutions Pvt Ltd., offers a path for NHADEC members to manage Indian offset requirements through a local relationship.

The joint venture between Milpower and Multisphere Power Solutions can support direct offset requirements for U.S. manufacturers selling to the Indian MOD by sourcing locally designed and manufactured power conversion components utilized in major systems such as aircraft, weapons, radar systems, and ground vehicles. NHADEC members are invited to learn more by speaking directly with Milpower.

Located near New Delhi, Multisphere Power Solutions Pvt Ltd, was established in 1998 and operates a 12,000 ft2 ISO9001 and AS9100 certified engineering and manufacturing facility capable of designing and producing AC-DC, DC-AC, and DC-DC rugged power supply products. Additionally, Multisphere Power Solutions is knowledgeable in Generator Control Units (GCU), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), power distribution solutions, and various form factors; including VPX VITA 62, VME, and custom enclosures.

Mr. Tomer Eshed, General Manager at Milpower Source commented on Multisphere Power Solutions, “This local capability fills a key gap in the Indian defense and aerospace market, offering high quality custom power conversion solutions to our growing number of customers.” Mr. Eshed went on to say, “U.S. and international defense companies seeking to penetrate the Indian market have a reliable, experienced, and capable partner in Multisphere Power Solutions for direct and indirect offset requirements.”

ABOUT MILPOWER SOURCE – Since 1984, Milpower Source has been a leading manufacturer of custom rugged power supplies, serving the military and aerospace markets. Milpower Source’s products are widely used in applications such as aircraft, radar, and RF communications. Milpower Source is an AS9100 certified company. More at

ABOUT MULTISPHERE POWER SOLUTIONS – Founded in 1998, Multisphere Power Solutions designs and manufactures power conversion solutions for Indian defense customers, including the Ministry of Defense (MOD), Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), Bharat Electronics, HAL, Centum, and many more. Multisphere Power Solutions specializes in local design, manufacture, testing & qualification, and repair and overhaul of power supplies for rugged and high reliability applications. More at

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Milpower Source Operates Indian JV to Support Offsets