Milpower Source is Proud to Support the Technologically Advanced Gremlins P

August 27, 2018

Milpower Source, Inc., the power conversion component supplier of the program, is proud to support the “Gremlins” program. The technologically advanced Gremlins program is focused on enabling aerial launch and recovery of volleys of reusable unmanned air systems (UASs) from existing military aircraft. Gremlins will accelerate aerial operational flexibility and effectiveness, offering advanced payload capabilities, autonomous operations, and critical swarming capacity.

Dynetics was the recipient of the 21-month, Phase 3 award worth up to $38.6 million Tim Keeter, Deputy Program Manager and Chief Engineer for Gremlins at Dynetics, said, “Rapid development of innovative and complex systems like Gremlins drives us to identify and use system components with the highest reputation for reliability and performance. We are proud to have Milpower Source on our Gremlins air vehicle team.”

As the supplier of numerous mission-critical power conversion solutions for the Gremlins program, Milpower Source is encouraged by the Congressional recognition of the program.  A member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Jeanne Shaheen stated, “I am pleased to see Milpower’s innovative technology furthering cutting edge efforts that support American defense initiatives. Developing the next phase of the Gremlins program continues New Hampshire’s long tradition of bolstering the United States’ national defense goals and objectives,” said Shaheen. “As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I’ll continue to reach across the aisle to support this program to ensure investments in our national defense always remains a top priority.”

Speaking about the power conversion solution for the Gremlins program, Joseph Widman, Gremlins Program Manager at Milpower Source, said, “we addressed the operational requirements through our advanced engineering design processes to exceed stringent environmental and mechanical requirements, primarily weight, without sacrificing performance. Milpower Source is excited to be part of the team and provide our unique ability to offer tailored power conversion solutions.”

For more on the Gremlins program, view the Dynetics video “Gremlins: Airborne Launch & Recovery of Unmanned Aerial Systems”.


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