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November 29, 2017

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The Dragon’s Shield:
China’s Strategic SAM Force

Thursday 30 November – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)

During the latter half of the 20th Century, the Chinese strategic SAM force relied primarily on domestically produced versions of the elderly Soviet S-75 SAM system, produced and fielded in China as the HQ-2. A thawing of relations with the former Soviet Union around the time of the latter’s disintegration opened the Chinese export market to more advanced Russian systems, with the S-300PMU quickly procured.

Rapid technological advances in the domestic air defence industry and the import of additional modern Russian strategic SAM systems have evolved the Chinese SAM network into a potent force, providing China with a defensive umbrella around key regions of the country.

This briefing will examine the missile systems employed by the Chinese strategic SAM network, assess the capabilities of the network as a whole, and explore future capabilities as forthcoming systems are brought into service. Specifically, IHS experts will cover the following:

  • Current geographic disposition of forces within the strategic SAM network, highlighting recent developments noted over the past decade
  • Network capabilities including system locations and coverage gaps, including the Taiwan Strait region
  • Forthcoming systems including the S-400
  • Potential impact on the export market
Speakers include:
  • Sean O’Connor – Principal Research and Imagery Analyst, Aerospace, Defence & Security.
  • Huw Williams – Editor, Jane’s International Defence Review.

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Global Defence Budgets 2017: Annual Review

Thursday 7 December – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)

Global defence spending increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2017 as budgets continued their recovery to pre-financial crisis levels. Despite rising budgets, growth remains tentative and regional trends continue to shift in line with economic, fiscal and strategic developments. While European defence expenditure expanded at its fastest rate since 2008, growth in Asia-Pacific slowed to its lowest level since 2010, demonstrating the extent to which the recovery remains finely balanced. As the impact of the new administration in the US becomes clearer and instability continues to affect the strategic landscape in Europe, Asia and the in the Middle East, how will defence expenditure be affected over the coming years?

This 60 minute briefing will utilise data taken from the Jane’s Defence Budgets in order to examine the key global defence expenditure developments over the course of 2017 and to assess the trends that are expected to affect military budgets over the coming years. Specifically, Jane’s experts will cover:

  • A summary of the current global defence spending environment as well as projections for the next 5-10 years
  • Detailed examination of the US FY18 budget
  • Assessments of regional trends in western Europe, Asia-Pacific, MENA, Eastern Europe, Russia, and CIS, and Latin America
  • Discussion of developments in key countries and identification of key growth markets
  • A review of global, regional, and national defence investment spending and prospects
Speakers include:
  • Guy Eastman – Senior Analyst (North America)
  • Andrew MacDonald – Senior Analyst (Latin America)
  • Fenella McGerty – Principal Analyst (EMEA)
  • Craig Caffrey – Principal Analyst (ASPAC, Gulf States and Russia CIS)

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Jane’s Defence Weekly:
Annual Defence Review 2017

Wednesday 13 December – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)

The 2017 annual defence report briefing is Jane’s Defence Weekly’s major review of the year’s most significant developments in terms of defence and military geopolitics. The briefing will cover all major developments with a view to asking what they mean for the world of defence in 2018. Among the topics to be discussed by the JDW editorial team will be:

  • North Korea’s continuing belligerence and the development and testing of its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes, along with the US and regional response
  • The endgame in the fight against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, and the complicating factor of Russia’s involvement in the conflict
  • The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, along with the new US Afghan strategy
  • The effects of China’s continuing rise as a military power
  • The progress of major defence programmes and major defence platform sales worldwide
  • Key market and business activity in the year
Speakers include:
  • Peter Felstead – Editor, Jane’s Defence Weekly
  • Dan Wasserbly – Americas Editor, Jane’s Defence Weekly
  • Nick Fiorenza – Europe Editor, Jane’s Defence Weekly
  • Gabriel Dominguez – Asia-Pacific Editor, Jane’s Defence Weekly
  • Jeremy Binnie – Middle East and North Africa Editor, Jane’s Defence Weekly
  • Guy Anderson – Jane’s Defence Industry Associate Director

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Jane's Online Intelligence Brifing Upcoming Schedule