Upcoming Jane's Intelligence Brieffings

January 11, 2018
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UGVs for the Modern Battlefield: The Evolution of Unmanned Ground Operations Support

Thursday 18 January – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)

This briefing will focus on unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) in the modern battlefield, exploring recent developments and future programmes that are rapidly advancing the capabilities and maturity of these systems. It will demonstrate the rapid growth in the global market and cover ten-year sales forecasts by end-user country and supplier. With the US leading the world in investment in UGV technology, this webinar will examine the country’s unmanned technology roadmap covering:

  • Recent developments in UGVs:
    o Modularity o Autonomy o Communications o Mobility/endurance
  • Urban warfare
  • Current US programmes
  • Market overview
  • Short, medium and long term goals of the US Army
  • Future Warfare
Speakers include:
  • Melanie Rovery – Editor, Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  • Derrick Maple – Principal Analyst, Unmanned Systems
  • Huw Williams – Editor, Jane’s International Defence Review

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Military Airlift Renaissance:
New Players in the Arena

Thursday 25 January – 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (ET)

The Military Airlift market is undergoing a huge renaissance. New players, often with airliner manufacturing experience in the civil market, are entering the sector with support from their respective governments.

The market for fixed wing airlift of all classes has ‘exploded’ as nations improve or expand both tactical and strategic capabilities, and leverage decades of commercial aircraft product development and learning. Companies like Embraer from Brazil, Airbus from Europe and Xi’an from China are disrupting the historic norms, using their civil design and manufacturing experience to build highly competitive lifters. This is coupled to indigenous demand from nations guaranteeing a launch market, while countries such as New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa show interest in replacement programmes.

The briefing will examine the transport market and global trends for fixed wing aircraft and it will cover:

  • Commercial cross-over programmes as a boost to military airlift.
  • Overview of airlifter types, both well established and lesser known, like the Pilatus PC-12, Airbus C295 and Alenia C-27J, Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules, Airbus 400M, and newcomers like Embraer KC-390 and Kawasaki C-2.
  • Forecast and trend analysis of tactical and strategic airlift capability, including future technological developments.
Speakers include:
  • Beatrice Bernardi – Senior Analyst, Jane’s Air Platforms
  • John Sneller – Manager, Aviation Desk
  • Charles Hollosi – Senior Analyst, Jane’s Military Platforms
  • Mark Bobbi – Principal Analyst, Aviation

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