India-Minister of Defense Visiting in September

August 26, 2017

Important Notice


This is a preliminary notice that the Minister of Defense for India and their senior team are expected to visit the Boston/New Hampshire area September 19-21, 2017. NHADEC has been provided with the list of products and technologies they are seeking, as well as a definition of the types of relationships they wish to establish with U.S. firms.

We are working to establish a series of private meetings between the Minister and Senior Staff and our members who fit the criteria.

The relationship guidelines include:

  1. Partnership with Indian Defense & Aerospace manufacturers
  2. Offset Opportunities
  3. Transfer of Technology Opportunities
  4. R&D investments in technologies with commercial opportunities

For the full comprehensive listing of the products and technologies the Ministry of Defense is seeking, or if you have a product or technology you would like to showcase in a private meeting with the Minister and his senior team, please contact Dawn Wivell via email detailing your interest and your offering.


Dawn Wivell
Executive Director
(603) 836-4207