Final Report Issued on NHADEC Future Scenarios Workshop

September 27, 2017

NHADEC is pleased to issue the Future Scenarios survey and workshop report.  This a deliverable for the discovery phase of the strategic planning project, which had as its goal an understanding of NHADEC and its membership.

As noted in section 1 of the report, the components of this phase included member surveys, long-term strategic planning and exploration, and discussion about preferred futures for NHADEC.  The core of the report focuses on the output of the Future Scenarios workshop where approximately 20 NHADEC members and staff  discussed the future of the organization and how best it fits in into the future A&D industry.  Those in the workshop indicated that the future scenario for NHADEC that held the best potential was one in which NHADEC had a regional focus for membership and one where NHADEC had both a promotional and sales orientation to it.

NHADEC is looking forward to continuing the strategic  planning process so that it is situated to meet the future.  Next steps include the development of a 5-year strategy.

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