Employers – Suicide Prevention for Veterans – DC Conference, May 16 & 17

April 19, 2018

SAMHSA-VA Conference Invite_Moncher SAMSHA – Employers Conference, May 16 & 17, 2018

If you have someone from your company that you want to attend (it does not have to be a Veteran – the training is about helping Veterans; not for Veterans to attend if they are at risk), please contact me, Greg d’Arbonne (GDarbo6844@aol.com), as soon as possible as this needs to be done by the 20th of April.

While the deadline is tomorrow (and I just got this today) for a conference in Washington, DC, I am confident I can either get folks who want to attend into the sessions or we can get with the VA to offer this type of session here in New Hampshire.

From the New Hampshire office of NH Department of Health and Human Services:

From: Moncher, Jo [mailto:Jo.Moncher@dhhs.nh.gov]
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 2:57 PM
Cc: Perry, Warren M NFG NG NHARNG (US) <warren.m.perry.nfg@mail.mil>; Hirsch, Jane <Jane.Hirsch@nh.gov>
Subject: Employers – Suicide Prevention – DC Conference, May 16 & 17

As you know, one of our military priorities (per Governor’s Interagency Planning Sessions and recent Governor’s Executive Order/Military Leadership Team meeting) is workforce development/capacity. Please see below. I know that the below (suicide prevention) is not necessarily where we are focusing our workforce development, but it is still a priority and concern for our military and for our State. (And the below provides a nice opportunity to engage our employers in support of our military – with a free trip to a National Military Conference.)

SAMHSA leadership and I just spoke. They would like to invite NH to attend the Arlington Conference on May 16, & 17, 2018…..and are able to provide all travel expenses for 2-3 different leaders from different employers. So….they are willing to pay for someone to serve as a Team Lead, as well as 2-3 different leaders from 2-3 different companies.

The deadline for this is…. of course….tomorrow, although they are willing to give us a few days if we are interested. Over the last decade, we have shared a very positive and strong partnership with SAMHSA. As usual, their conference deadlines do not allow a lot of time to prepare, because their federal funds “come their way” with very little lead time.

So…..are you interested in making this happen? I welcome your thoughts on this, as well as any thoughts from Warren and/or Jane. Just an FYI that LTC Partners may be very interested in sending someone from their shop.

Thank you everyone! jo

Jo Moncher

Bureau Chief

Community Based Military Programs

NH Department of Health and Human Services