NHADEC Procurement Series: Boeing Supplier Opportunity

September 11, 2020

Boeing Supplier Opportunity for NHADEC Members

Boeing’s Senior Team Lead for their Global Supplier Diversity has reached out to NHADEC  requesting information about our small business members.
We are planning to use our membership data to create a report to send to Boeing next Wednesday and will also be having a phone call to discuss. This is an opportunity for NHADEC to get our small business members in-play for supporting Boeing Programs in their Defense, Space & Security group.
NHADEC small business members should login and update you member profiles in the following areas:
  • Industry NAIC Code(s)  — Add all NAICS code if more than one
  • Company Size — # of employees
  • Company Certifications — Manufacturing or industry certifications,  or current small business designations — Veteran/Women/Minority/DSB etc.  
  • Product / Service / Commodity  Description
Please update your profile information by Wednesday September 16th at 3:00 pm. If you are having problems logging in or accessing your member information, please send an email to both William Bates and Adam Boltik:      william.bates@nhadec.com   Adam.T.Boltik@livefree.nh.gov