Aviation Week: CEO Calhoun's Mission to Fix Boeing

July 20, 2020

Aviation Week Network is a group that provides business-critical information, predictive intelligence, and connections with businesses and people involved in aerospace and defense. From air transport to space, from business aviation to maintenance, repair, and overall, Aviation Week Network seeks to help businesses know what’s going on, predict future trends and opportunities, and provide connections.

On June 20, Aviation Week & Space Transport (part of the network) conducted an interview with Boeing CEO David Calhoun. In this interview, Calhoun covered topics from Boeing’s efforts to identify and address issues with the MAX series, offers his views on the future of low-emissions air travel and technologies, potentials for aftermarket revenues, and the deal Boeing had with Embraer.

Check out the link below to go to the interview on Aviation Week’s website and to watch a video of the exchange as well.