Aerospace and Defense Trade Leads – South Korea

February 13, 2019

Aerospace and Defense Trade Leads

NHADEC has received the following aerospace and defense trade leads as part of our strategic partnership with the U.S. Commercial Service.  The overseas posts of the USCS frequently receive inquiries regarding products and services that foreign companies or governments need that American companies can provide.  The following are the most recent trade leads generated by those inquiries. 

Should you be interested in pursuing any trade leads, we ask that you please contact the listed originating trade specialist, as well as, Justin Oslowski, Director, New Hampshire, US Commercial Service.

South Korea

Helicopter Spare Parts for 500MD, AH-1S, CH-47 – iMarketKorea (South Korean delegate at DGM), is preparing an open bid of DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration, under the South Korean MOD) for commercial items.  They are looking to identify US manufacturers/suppliers of spare parts related to Helicopters such as 500MD, AH-1S, CH-47, etc.  Please send potential contact information for US manufacturer/suppliers of these products to Justin Oslowski who will forward the information to the company.

Deadline: TBD

Contact:  Justin Oslowski