5 Questions on the 2018 NHAD Networking Event with Don Tyler

May 14, 2018

Editor’s Note: NHADEC staff recently sat down with NHADEC Board Member and Education Committee Chair, Don Tyler, President of Corfin Industries, a component preparation and solutions company, located in Salem, NH, to discuss the upcoming NH Aerospace and Defense 2018 Networking Event, NHADEC, and all things aerospace and defense in NH.  Corfin Industries is a proud sponsor of NHAD 2018.

  1. Before we get into the details of the NH Aerospace and Defense 2018 Networking Event, can you give us a quick overview of the NH Aerospace and Defense Export Consortium?


The NH Aerospace and Defense Export Consortium (NHADEC) is a membership organization focused on fostering the most opportune global markets for members, through collaborative efforts and global brand messaging. NHADEC’s innovative programs and vast expertise help its members to reach their full market potential.

NHADEC was started in 2013 by the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development through a federal grant and 6 charter members, including Corfin Industries. Since then, it has grown to nearly 100 members that are in the aerospace and defense industry, as well as service providers that complement these enterprises. Starting in 2015, NHADEC became a non-profit organization and held its inaugural New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense networking event.  In 2016, the “Member’s Showcase” program was developed that introduced NHADEC members to Tier I companies and created a “trade-show-like” atmosphere for the various departments. 2018 has been a big year already for NHADEC.  Earlier this year, NHADEC created its first industry-specific subcommittee which will focus on unmanned systems. NHADEC recently completed a 5-year strategic planning process that broadened the Consortium’s focus by building a sales component and also seeking a more regional membership base.

NHADEC members benefit in a variety of ways.  The biggest benefit of NHADEC is the partnerships it holds with the NH Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NH MEP) and the NH Division of Economic Development and its Office of International Commerce. OIC educates NHADEC members on the benefits of export promotion grants and tradeshows and aims to help them expand into international markets and help drive down the cost incurred if a company were to make this plunge on their own. NHADEC members also have the opportunity to receive training on various topics, ranging from technology commercialization and marketing/branding to export control and ITAR regulations.  NHADEC members also benefit from having access to industry renowned market research from Jane’s by IHS Markit.


  1. Last year’s NHAD Networking Event was a tremendous success. What is new for this year?


This year the NHAD networking event will have a matchmaking B2B component scheduled into the program. Upon registration, attendees will have the opportunity to create their own profile and then log onto the matchmaking platform to request meetings with our other registered attendees. Attendees can participate in up to four, 20 minute meetings during the networking portion of the event. Registration for NHAD 2018 will be closing on the 15th, but the deadline to accept or reject meetings on the matchmaking portal is noon on May 14th.

We will also be featuring a keynote address by Tate Nurkin who will be discussing the shifting defense industrial landscape and the future of defense innovation.  Tate is founder of OTH Intelligence Group LLC, is frequently cited on defense-related topics, and has provided testimony to the U.S. – China Economic and Security Review Commission about the implications of China’s military reforms and modernization.


  1. Tell us who should be signing up to attend the Networking Event.


As NHADEC is working to broaden its regional reach, we have extended our invitation to the regional industry. The companies that should be signing up to attend this conference are aerospace and defense enterprises that develop products, technologies and services for the industry. We also welcome any service providers looking to gain exposure to these aerospace and defense companies and anyone interested in learning more about the industry!


  1. Why is there such a buzz about aerospace and defense in NH?


New Hampshire is home to close to 350 aerospace and defense companies with a handful of them being Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The industry is among the fastest growing in the world and New Hampshire has become one of the leading exporting states for aerospace and defense because of our great companies. With the help of NHADEC, we can continue this state trend of being the industry experts and helping these numerous companies of all sizes thrive in a global marketplace.


  1. Please give us the details on deadlines, where to sign up and where to go for more information.


The event will be held on May 17th, from 5:00 – 8:00 P.M. at the Manchester Country Club in Bedford, New Hampshire. You can register online and fill out your attendee profile here or click on the link below. The deadline to register for the event is May 15th and as mentioned above, the matchmaking portal will be closing at noon on the 14th. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Dawn Wivell at dwivell@nhadec.com or (603) 836-4207.


Link to Register for NHAD 2018