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At Suprock Technologies we are both practitioners and clinicians of the engineering arts. Our specialty is developing sensor technology and the supporting telemetry hardware infrastructure to obtain brilliant signals from circumstances thought to be unachievable. Suprock continually delivers solutions to address the most demanding specifications. Our ability to provide valuable information from extreme environments translates into tangible cost savings and immediate ROI for our clients. We provide timely deliverables that exceed expectations in performance, cost, and usability. Suprock Technologies cares about the signal.


Suprocktech Coax Vibration Sensor Kit

The digital coaxial 3-in-1 tri-axis accelerometer/vibration sensor is our most popular and versatile sensor for machine condition monitoring. The 20kHz+ bandwidth with wireless option can be used to monitor or diagnose a wide range of high and low speed machines.Contains tri-axis accelerometer, onmidirectional surface wave sensor,and temperature sensor in a small powerful package. If you are having trouble getting reliable measurements in high noise environments, this is your solution. The SuprockTech Digital coax vibration sensor will easily provide reliable vibration data from high EMI areas such as welding robots, inside motors/generators, near power transmission lines, radar, railroad and mass transit systems, satellites, medical equipment, and more.

Suprocktech USB Strain Sensor

Making Strain measurements in the field has never been easier! Our USB strain gives the user direct digital surface strain measurement. Offered in a pre-packaged case for bolt-on or adhesion mounting, eliminating the need for field gaging, soldering, or delicate work. Great for measuring vibration on large machines where rigidity makes accelerometer measurements inadequate. Easy implementation of bridge sensors including strain, pressure, or servoaccelerometer in a rugged oil and water resistant design.

Suprocktech Equinox Microtelemetry

Wireless, fully digital telemetry in an incredibly small package! Save time and money by obtaining data right from the source. The Equinoxmicrotelemetry empowers the user by enabling wireless direct measurementsfrom moving parts. Compact at 8.9mmX17.15mm with a wireless data transmission terminating in a convenient USB or PoE connection. Lightweight and embeddable, the Equinox microtelemetry features wirelesspower and data, ultra-low power consumption, and can accomodate wheatstonebridge sensors including strain, pressure, servo-accelerometers, etc. Perfect forwireless torque and torsional vibration measurements. As with all our products,on-board temperature sensing is included. The Suprocktech Equinox Microtelemetry is low-cost, easy to apply,embeddable, and durable making it an ideal solution for monitoringrotating/moving parts where wires and slip rings are just not feasible.

Suprocktech high temp strain sensors

The SuprockTech High Speed Strain (HSS) modules offer extremely high speed strain measurements that capture fast transients, extremely highbandwidth vibration data, and picostrain level changes in material deformation. The High-Speed Strain module is both an investigative and continual monitoring workhorse that can handle high-bandwidth strain sensors, including strain sensors for extreme temperature environments. It is also applicable to ultrasonic strain measurements for NDT and online NDT applications. The HSS is a powerful data aquisition tool with PoE network capability and the option of universal time-alignment through the IEE 1588 protocol. Convenient digital connectivity using Suprock Tech's free Acheron DAQ software as well as third party monitoring softwares such as CEI TMAC and DtectIT. With a small DIN rail mounted package, the HSS is easily integrated into field systems. • Gas Turbine engines • Boiler on-line hot component structural NDT • Deaerator vessel dynamics • HRSG Components • Gas turbine injector validation • Combustion chamber pressure ©Suprock Technologies, LLC 2018 Applications Add a little bit of body text • Cavitation measurements • High strain rate measurements • Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar/Kolsky Bar • Prediction of volcanic eruptions (Ground strain wave measurement) • Astrophysical measurements / gravity wave measurements

Turbine Dynamics Monitoring System

The Turbine Dynamic Monitoring System features fully wireless power and data allowing for direct shaft mounting of the telemetry for the best signal to noise ratio possible. Quad sensors measure real-time torsional strain, lateral strain, radial acceleration, and tangential acceleration, capturing a full picture of torsional modes from a single axial location. TDMS offers on-rotor longevity for extended tests as well as turnkey installation and removal. Addressing insurer concerns and managing turbine dynamics risk has never been easier. TDMS can be installed in as little as a single shift requiring no engineering changes, saving plant operators days to weeks of valuable time during outages. Lack of inductor rings and extra brackets allow for close-quarter installations such as inside bearing housings.