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RdF Corporation

... making sense of sensing temperature.

RdF Corporation


RdF Corporation temperature sensors are integrated throughout critical systems on the world's most recognizable air and spacecraft.

Since 1955, RdF's high-reliability RTD's, Thermocouples, Heat Flux gauges and Heater elements have demonstrated high-accuracy capabilities from -423°F to over 2000°F. Those sensors are serving now in harsh environmental conditions from deep sea to deep space, and everywhere in between.

Our engineers provide solutions throughout design, qualification and production phases from our 35,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Hudson, NH to clients worldwide.

RdF Corporation is a minority & woman owned small business.

Certified: ISO9001, AS9100, MIL-SPEC, ITAR Compliant


RTD's & Thermocouples

RdF offers surface and immersion thermocouples and RTD's that are trusted in demanding military and aerospace applications.

Heat Flux Sensors

RdF fast response heat flux sensors are thin, flexible, and sensitive.

Space Qualified Sensors

Thousands of RdF designs are currently in orbit, qualified to the most rigorous environmental conditions.

Cryogenic Aerospace RTD's

RdF offers a broad range of Cryogenic RTD Probes for ground support and flight. We tailor designs and qualify sensors to meet varying performance requirements and environmental conditions for each program.

De-Icing & Windshield Elements

RdF flexible and transparent resistance temperature sensors are critical to the function of military and commercial aircraft.