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Pragmatic Consulting, Inc.

Achieving World Class Excellence

Pragmatic Consulting, Inc.


PragmaticGov as part of Pragmatic Consulting, Inc., is a full service management and technical consulting firm that is committed to helping you achieve the goal of making your business or governmental organization "World Class". We bring our extensive, multifaceted experience in helping both large and small organizations achieve their objective of optimum organizational excellence to the arenas of federal, state and municipal government. PragmaticGov is here to help you and your entity succeed!



Conducting business internationally introduces your company to a complex world of laws, regulations and controls. If you currently export commercial products and want to enter the intricate world of Aerospace and Defense exporting, Pragmatic can help you navigate through the process. We guide clients through this multifaceted environment administered by numerous government agencies. If you already do business in the arena and are just trying to get up to speed on the numerous changes currently underway with various government laws and regulations, Pragmatic can help.

IT & Systems

At Pragmatic Consulting, we recognize that many government agencies have IT systems that are becoming more complex and difficult to implement and maintain. We provide evaluation and assessment services to assist you in making the best choice for your IT infrastructure and systems that will be aligned with your government organization's specific needs. We do not peddle, thus we have no bias to any particular IT or ERP system. Pragmatic is proficient in the entire supply chain.


Security is becoming a higher concern and priority for virtually all types of businesses. Do you have a security strategy for your business? At Pragmatic, we believe security is not just an overhead expense, but a service which can provide demonstrable ROI and allow companies to better position themselves for contract awards. We offer security strategic planning and a comprehensive set of services such as risk assessments and threat mitigations.

Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain group utilizes Pragmatic Consulting's applied expertise in both Supply Chain Management and ERP information systems. We work with government agencies to improve their business processes, thus controlling the methods, operational and procurement procedures and manage change through the supply chain. We have extensive expertise in supply chain management using a "Total Systems" approach to optimize your entire organization. Our associates have successfully performed projects that used this approach, overseeing the entire process from initial customer interest and (RFQ) through the actual shipment of finished product - and everything in between.

Export / Import

Pragmatic consultants have many years of experience working in international markets, such as Europe, Asia and other areas of the globe, including relocation and startup of manufacturing operations and have helped companies with exporting know how, such as export documentation and controls. As a result, we have direct access to resources throughout the world.