New England Wire Technologies


For over 120 years, New England Wire Technologies has provided engineers, scientists and technical professionals around the world with the most technologically advanced wire and cable solutions in the industry. Our 400,000 square foot facility located in Lisbon, NH houses manufacturing, R&D, quality/testing, tooling/machine fabrication and office space. Working with customer supplied requirements or specifications, our design and engineering staff specialize in product development, concurrent engineering, design for manufacturability, and quick-turn prototyping.

New England Wire Technologies manufactures an extensive range of sophisticated wire and cable products - Litz wire, ultra flexible miniature and microminiature multi-conductor and coaxial cables, braids, fine-wire strands, and ultra-flexible power cables. An ISO9001:2015 registered company, we manufacture one-of-a-kind cable solutions for a full range of industries including aerospace, defense, medical, robotics/automation, power generation, and alternative energy. In-house manufacturing processes include wire drawing, plating, braiding, cabling, and extrusion services.


Multiconductor Cables

New England Wire Technologies is a world leader in the design and manufacture of multiconductor cable for specialty applications. Our broad range of capabilities and wide selection of conductor and insulation materials allow us to design cable to meet the most demanding specification.

Coaxial Cables

Our broad range of capabilities enables us to manufacture precision coaxial cables from ultra miniature 50 AWG to 8 AWG and larger in both custom and standard shielded, round or flat-wire braided and spiral or foil-wrapped constructions. Additionally we offer a large selection of dielectric materials including polyolefin, fluoropolymers, polyethylene, polypropylene, ETFE, FEP,PFA and PTFE (low density and solid) as well as many custom dielectrics such as our proprietary NEWcel® material. Custom microminiature and miniature coaxial cables can be manufactured in production runs as low as 1000 feet.

Litz Wire

In 1898, New England Wire became the first company in the United States to manufacture Litz wire on a commercial basis. Since then, we have designed and manufactured thousands of constructions for use over the E.L.F. through H.F. frequency ranges. Typical applications for Litz wire conductors include high frequency inductors and transformers, inverters, communication equipment, ultrasonic equipment, sonar equipment, television and radio equipment and induction heating equipment.

Custom Design

New England Wire Technologies is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of custom profile and hybrid cables. Whether you’re looking for shaped cable, zip cord, woven cable, extruded or bonded ribbon cable, oval, rectangular or square, our huge inventory of tooling and in-house fabrication capabilities along with an extensive inventory of raw materials and engineering/technical experts make your custom project just another day at the office!

Hybrid Configurations

New England Wire Technologies' innovative engineering staff can design cable incorporating dissimilar components to suit your specific requirements. We offer cables combining insulated conductors with one or more vent tubes, lumens, thermocouple leads, resistance wires, strength members or any combination of complex configuration.