Mainstay Technologies


Mainstay Technologies provides high-touch, enterprise-level IT and Information Security services to organizations of all sizes across New Hampshire and New England. From managed services to on-demand IT engineering projects, Mainstay has the capabilities and expertise of a full-spectrum IT security team. Large organizations are demanding that their clients and contractors comply with robust cybersecurity requirements – regardless of size or industry. Mainstay can handle these requirements proactively and creatively, controlling costs while meeting these conditions with auditors in mind. Whether you must follow vendor or legal compliance with a defined standard, such as the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) or NIST SP.800-171, 800-53, 800-37/Risk Management Framework(RMF), or Cyber Security Framework (CSF), or left open to interpretation, we have the experience and ability to address issues effectively, within budget, and plan ahead for remediation.


IT Services

No matter what size you are, technology plays a vital role in your business. Where risk is mitigated, opportunities are seized, systems are reliable, support is delightful, and budgets are predictable. At Mainstay Technologies, we are radically committed to the success of our clients. Rooted in core values, our team is rich in IT expertise and deeply values customer service. With fully managed IT services, we serve as our clients’ end-to-end, secure, scalable IT department. Through business discovery, consulting, infrastructure design, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and security layers, or help desk, all provided at a flat, per-user cost. Robust metrics, accountability, and management frameworks integrated. Delivered to multiple compliance standards with the necessary security layers to fully comply.

Information Security Services

The threats against our organizations are multiplying each year. Our data, our companies, our resources, and our reputations are increasingly vulnerable. As technology progresses, data grows, and new regulations are passed, it becomes necessary for all organizations to have an intentional cybersecurity strategy. Mainstay's team can help you to achieve your cybersecurity goals, whether you must comply with legal regulations, vendor or client requirements, or your simply interested in managing risk for your organization. The fully-staffed InfoSec team can create, sustain, and improve an Information Security Program. This is a pioneering approach to bring cost feasibility to the market, patterned after large organizations and their separate InfoSec teams. The executive guidance, detailed program creation, governance team leadership, monitoring, incident response, and provision of ongoing information security layers necessary.