Labsphere, Inc.


Labsphere, Inc. is headquartered in North Sutton, New Hampshire, with a satellite facility in China and a global network of distribution partners. Founded in 1979, it is part of the Halma group of companies. Labsphere specializes in the design and manufacture of high-end light measurement solutions for the LED/SSL lighting industry, uniform sources and products for remote sensing and imager/consumer camera calibration, diffuse optical coatings and materials including Spectralon®, Spectraflect® and Permaflect®, instrumentation and reflectance standards for spectroscopy applications, and Integral® software for a variety of photometry applications. For more information, please visit


HELIOS Uniform Sources

Modular, design driven systems configured for common testing tasks with flexible options to meet your unique needs and budget Scalable, rugged solutions for R&D, production or field applications Unparalleled built-in characterization and performance A flexible foundation to meet the challenges for rapidly changing remote sensing needs LabVIEW® and intelligent components for active system configuration Available for Labsphere's on-site calibration services at customers' facilities