Freedom Energy Logistics


Freedom Energy Logistics, LLC is dedicated to providing the most unique, effective, and cutting-edge energy cost reduction solutions in the marketplace. We have a solution for every energy user’s needs.
Our years of experience, our intelligent energy purchasing strategies and our strong relationships in the industry are what sets us apart.
Our customers benefit from reduced utility overhead and by having an energy partner that understands and meets their energy demands year-round. Freedom Energy Logistics continues to make headlines as innovators in the energy procurement market. Pioneering the ‘Direct to Grid’ movement many of our client’s source wholesale energy direct from the ISO NE-Pool, via multi-tier solutions.



Freedom Energy Logistics assists clients with Electricity supply needs: • Direct-to-Grid • Capacity Tag Management • Demand Response • Fixed Supply

Natural Gas

Freedom Energy Logistics assists clients with Natural Gas supply needs: • Basis Plus Nymex • Blended Hedging • Cash/Spot Market • Fixed Supply

Green Products

Freedom Energy Logistics assists clients with Green Energy needs: • Virtual Net Metering • LED & Efficiencies • Hydro, Solar & Biomass • Direct to Green


Freedom Energy Logistics assists clients with tracking their energy spend and usage: • Easily Track Invoices • Facility Benchmarking • Budget Forecasting • Discrepancy Alerts