Ferrite Microwave Technologies, LLC


Ferrite Microwave Technologies (FMT) sprung out of the Raytheon SMDO group. Founded in 1983, and originally focused purely on high power components, the company later absorbed various former members of Raytheon’s industrial microwave group and began manufacturing industrial microwave systems in 1993. In 2003, Ferrite acquired the industrial microwave division of Amana. In 2004, we acquired RF technologies for their broadcast components and industrial microwave processing systems. Since then, Ferrite Microwave Technologies has continued to innovate and patent new technologies in both the high power microwave device field and in the industrial realm while improving efficiencies and pioneering new applications.

Industrial Microwave Systems – Turnkey solutions for tempering, cooking and heating products across a wide range of industries. Complete Microwave Solutions, Microwave Generation, Customer Product Testing, Spare Parts & Upgrades.

Components & Integrated Assemblies – High-power, passive microwave devices for frequencies from 50 MHz to 50 GHz that handle power levels ranging from 5 W to 50 MW. Circulators, Isolators, Terminations, Integrated Assemblies & Other Passive Components.




Continuous Microwave Systems

Continuous microwave systems are able to process more product with less labor. For most applications, we recommend a continuous tunnel. However, the larger footprint and cavity loading requirements give some customers pause. Please contact us with any questions and your specific requirements and we will be happy to make a recommendation.