Cobham Integrated Electronic Solutions


Cobham manufactures a complete line of flat plate array antennas and standard and custom passive RF components and subsystems including rotary joints, pedestals, waveguide, and cable assemblies. Cobham's engineering and manufacturing expertise allow us to offer products as individual components or packaged as part of a subsystem for higher-level integration for radar, electronic warfare and communication systems for the aerospace and defense industries.


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Flat Plate Antenna

Cobham designs and manufactures flat plate slotted array antennas for military and commercial applications.

RF Rotary Joints

Cobham rotating subsystems include RF rotary joints, gear-driven pedestals and RF rotating subsystems used in military and air traffic control radars and telecommunications systems.

RF Cable Assemblies

Cobham cable assemblies have a clear focus on military and high performance commercial applications as well as a long standing commitment to the space market.


Cobham is the market leader and supplier of choice for passive RF microwave components, assemblies and subsystems.