Camcor Industries Ltd


Founded in 1992, Camcor Industries has grown our organization from a 7,000 sq foot facility to a state of the art, 21,000 sq foot privately owned facility located in Carp, Ontario. Tight tolerance and complex geometry manufacturing is where Camcor shines. Offering 5 axis machining, high speed machining (up to 25,000 RPM), live tool turning and palletized lights–out manufacturing can deliver your product on time and on price point. Camcor has focused our manufacturing expertise on space and satcom capabilities. We have developed unique and proprietary machining processes for metal optics. This group encompasses Plano and Spherical Mirrors, Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors, and Toroid Mirrors. Mirrors with compound angles can now be manufactured in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. In addition to mirrors, we specialize in the machining of complex geometry optical benches. Critical to these optical benches are minimum weight and optimal payload.


Optical Mirrors, Metal

-Precision metal mirrors used in space telescopes and scanning systems. - Spherical and aspherical off-axis components ready for opto-mechanical assembly. - Aluminum, copper, RSA aluminum

Laser Components, Optical Assemblies

- High Energy Lasers - LIDAR - Navigation - Countermeasures - Optical benches