AQYR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Windmill International, Inc. For over twenty-five years, Windmill International, Inc. has been considered one of the defense industry’s business leaders in program management, engineering, training, technology and software development. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, the veteran-owned company has built an excellent reputation with its customers as a highly efficient and skilled solutions-provider.


TYPHOON 1.0 Meter Ku-Band Terminal

The TYPHOON Ku-Band Terminal delivers lightning fast auto-acquisition for two-way broadband VSAT communications in one rugged case. TYPHOON is the next-generation of rapidly deployable broadband satellite communication terminals.

AN/PRS-11 Suitcase Portable Receive Suite

The AN/PRS-11 GBS Suitcase Portable Receive Suite revolutionizes the way warfighters operate. The lightweight, compact design delivers access to critical mission information and unparalleled bandwidth to support operations on the WGS satellite constellation.