Akita Innovations LLC


Akita develops and produces novel chemicals and materials including light absorbing and emitting dyes, coatings for surfaces, fabrics, and microparticles and powders, feedstocks for additive manufacturing, and various organic and inorganic specialty chemicals. We can serve as an 'outsourced' R&D function for other organizations that need help with chemical and materials problems.



Outsources Chemical R&D

Akita can develop and produce specialty chemicals and materials of various types - contact us to discuss

Light Absorbing and Emitting Dyes

Akita makes a variety of specialty light absorbing and emitting (fluorescent) dyes, which can be modified to suite particular needs. Dyes can be make for coating onto or molding into plastics, for life sciences needs, or other uses.

Antifog Coatings

Akita produces antifog coating fluids for coatings that can be applied to windows, eyewear, lenses, and other optics and mirrors. The coatings are UV (light) cured and offer very high antifog performance and excellent service lifetime.

Anticontamination Coatings

Akita is developing a variety of coatings for hard and soft surfaces and for fabrics that resist chemical contamination, wetting of fluids, and growth of microbes. Contact us to discuss your needs for such coatings!

Specialty Chemical Design and Production

Akita can design and make a wide variety of specialty chemicals in quantities of milligrams to tens of kilograms, and in larger amounts by working with partners. We design chemicals to solve problems, and make chemicals that are reported in the literature but not yet commercially available.