Market Intelligence

Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment, NHADEC and the New Hampshire Office of International Commerce are partnering together to provide a series of market intelligence reports from Janes, a world-renowned provider of analysis and intelligence on defense, aerospace, national security, and intelligence. These reports are provided absolutely free to any member of NHADEC. Along with these reports will be a series of briefings with the analysts of Janes to explain the content- and what opportunities might lie ahead for aerospace and defense companies in selected markets or industry sectors.

Currently, there are reports available for:

  • Handheld Military Communications,
  • Unmanned Air Systems,
  • Military Satellites and Space Activities,
  • Latin American Market Analysis,
  • Australian Market Analysis,
  • Poland Market Analysis,
  • South Korea Market Analysis,
  • Germany Market Analysis,
  • Brazil Market Analysis, and
  • Future Solider/Soldier Modernization.

These reports look at forecasted demand, major players in these markets or sectors, and potential opportunities for suppliers in these areas.

In order to access these reports, users will need to complete a “Consent to Deliver” form provided by Janes. It’s important to read through this form before signing it. Generally, the form ensures that users will protect the intelligence provided by Janes and not distributed to any third party, or be used to put together a commercial product.

Click the link below to download the form. Save it to your computer. Read the form carefully, and then provide the information in the fields provided. You need to provide the following information:

  • DATE at the top of the first page,
  • COMPANY NAME and ADDRESS on the bottom of the second page,
  • SIGNATURE (you may sign this using Adobe’s free “Fill & Sign” tool; you may also print and sign a hard copy, then scan it in if you desire),
  • NAME and TITLE of the signer, and
  • DATE on the bottom of the second page.

After you complete the form, save it again to your computer, and then e-mail a copy of this form to Adam Boltik at the NH Office of International Commerce at and to William Bates at NHADEC at The Office of International Commerce will complete their part of the form and send it to Janes. After Janes has received the form and approved it,  you will get an e-mail from the Office of International Commerce (within a couple of days) that will detail how to access these and future market intelligence reports- at no cost to you.

Additionally, you will be added to a mailing list, managed by NHADEC, that will let you know when new reports are posted or when briefings will be held with Jane analysts to dive deeper into the data and numbers. You will only have to fill out the form once and you will have access to current and future reports that the Office of International Commerce and NHADEC receive.

If you have any questions about this form or accessing the market intelligence, please e-mail Adam Boltik at