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Unlimited Access To Aerospace & Defense Contractors and Experts In New England and Around The World

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Membership Tiers

NHADEC offers three distinct membership levels to properly connect companies within the industry:

  1. Manufacturer or Producer 
  2. Service Provider 
  3. Sponsor Member

If you would like to discuss how membership works and how it can benefit your company, contact us at:


NHADEC is happy to host you as our guest at a member meeting so that you can determine if we are a good fit for your company or organization.

Manufacturer or Producer

To be considered for the Manufacturer or Producer tier, you must be, directly or indirectly, conducting or pursuing aerospace and/or defense business, including manufacturing, producing, or supplying. Members may be located world-wide.

Membership Benefits for a Manufacturer or Producer Include:

  • Networking with key industry leaders
  • Individual company profiles on the NHADEC website
  • Bi-monthly member meetings and networking events
  • Presentation of your products and/or services to the membership during a general meeting and vis-à-vis the “Lunchtime Connections” webinar series
  • Participation in the “Member Showcases” at the locations of the Primes/OEMs
  • Selective use of NHADEC logo
  • Domestic and Export market development consulting and expertise
  • Exclusive NHADEC sales pipelines worldwide
  • Hyper-focused sector specific sub-committees
  • Links to local, national and international institutions
  • Training activities
  • Creation of a common information system
  • Industry and supply chain access
  • Assistance with compliance and regulatory issues
  • Collective participation in exhibitions and trade shows
  • Trade missions abroad
  • Participation in buyers’ missions
  • Collective hosting of potential clients
  • Market research
  • Identification of distributors and clients
  • Negotiation of preferential agreements with service providers
  • Joint bidding on projects
  • Invaluable tribal knowledge
  • The ability to view and post Partnerships, Careers, News, and Events items for public and member-only viewing

Cost: $500/year

Service Provider

To be considered for the Service Provider tier, you must be a company that provides, or wishes to provide, goods and services to support a Manufacturer or Producer. Members may be located world-wide and may include manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. This membership level was developed to offer an opportunity to companies who provide necessary services – domestic and international – to aerospace and defense companies, to network with the NHADEC core group, and provide this core group with access to services of proven value. Service provider applicants are vetted to ensure that the services align with the core mission of the organization and the goals of its membership.

Membership Benefits for a Service Provider Include:

  • Direct access to NHADEC membership
  • Attendance at all NHADEC meetings and functions
  • Oral presentation of your products and/or services to the membership during a general meeting and vis-à-vis the “Lunchtime Connections” webinar series
  • Individual company profiles on the NHADEC website
  • Selective use of the NHADEC logo
  • Announced in NHADEC newsletter
  • Opportunity to advertise in NHADEC newsletter
  • Opportunity to exhibit at NHADEC member networking events
  • The ability to view and post Partnerships, Careers, News, and Events items for public and member-only viewing
  • Tier A benefits where applicable

Cost: $700/year


This is NHADEC’s flagship membership level. To be considered for the Sponsor Membership you may fall within either the Manufacturer or Producer tier or Service Provider tier as stated above. Becoming a Sponsor gains you the following benefits above and beyond the benefits already explained above for both Tier A and Tier B.

  • Branded placement at events and meetings
    • Email blasts
    • Flyers
    • Advertising
    • Banners
    • Brochures
    • Websites
    • And more
  • 2 seats at (paid) events
  • Exhibit space at the annual NH Aerospace and Defense Conference
    • The NHAD Conference has been extremely successful and garnered considerable attention in the industry, in the business community and in the media on a global basis
  • Banners placed at major events
  • Logo on a (custom made) NHADEC banner
  • Mention at all major events
    • Remarks, speeches, to the media
  • Special logo placement on new website
  • Opportunity to host meetings

Cost: $1500/year

Attention Potential Partner Organizations!

If you are an organization that has a complementary mission to that of NHADEC, and is eager to support a mutually beneficial collaboration, contact NHADEC at today! We are always open to innovative ways we can work together to expand our mutual value networks throughout the world, ranging from government and economic development agencies to business and trade associations to foreign consulates to aerospace and defense clusters and consortia.