Below is a list of all of the NHADEC Committees.  We encourage all of our members to participate in the Committees.  Please e-mail the Chair of the Committee of interest to discuss how you can get involved today!

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the officers, other members, and the Executive Director and conducts the business of the organization between Board Meetings. The Executive Committee is also responsible for the nomination of candidates for the Board, Officers, and members of the Honorary Advisory Council.

Committee Members:

  • Jim Cook, Committee Chair
  • Tina Kasim
  • Zenagui Brahim
  • Brian Ward
  • Joel Olbricht
  • William Bates




Finance Committee

The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Board with respect to the ways and means to conserve funds, reduce debt, and to increase revenues. At a meeting of the Board preceding the end of the fiscal year, an operating and a capital budget for the next fiscal year shall is presented by this committee. After they have been approved by the Board, these budgets serve as the official appropriation measures and primary financial control documents of the organization.

Committee Members:




Marketing, Programs and Activities Committee

This Committee is responsible for developing and implementing programs and events that contribute to NHADEC revenues to serve the global goals and objectives of the membership. The Committee is also responsible for advertising to increase attendance, awareness and publicity for the organization.

Committee Members:

  • Mike Woodbury, Committee Chair – Omni Controls
  • Jason Cheney, Committee Vice-Chair – Engleberth Construction
  • Eric Basta – New Hampshire MEP
  • Barb Raths –  Camden National Bank
  • Adam Boltik – State of New Hampshire OIC
  • Tina Kasim – State of New Hampshire BEA




Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for identifying, developing and implementing programs and resources to serve the education and training needs of the membership.

Committee Members:




Strategy, Operations Planning and Membership Committee

This Committee responsible for developing key strategic goals and programs aimed at growing the organization and its membership, in collaboration with other NHADEC committees and the NHADEC Board of Directors. Additionally, the committee works to improve the business operations of the Consortium, establishing and implementing criteria for membership, and devising and implementing strategy for growth of the Membership.

Committee Members:

  • Randy Makee, Committee Chair – Comstock Industries
  • Steven H. Myers, Vice-Chair – Southwest Research Institute
  • Jason Cheney – Engleberth Construction
  • Shyang Puri – RDF Corporation
  • Anya Burzynski – Aerodynamics
  • Kevin Zagadillo – NE Metals
  • William Bates – NHADEC



Unmanned Systems Committee

The Unmanned Systems Committee is the first industry-specific committee established within the New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Export Consortium. Its mission is to provide assistance with government relations, member promotion, and technical interchange to NHADEC member companies. In the area of government relations, the committee organizes presentations from various military, industry, and regulatory agencies to inform NHADEC members of unmanned systems requirements and the methodologies available for pursing business opportunities within the sector. With respect to promotional activities, the committee coordinates with other NHADEC committees; and federal and state economic development agencies, to assist member companies present their products and capabilities at major events such as the Farnborough and Paris Air Shows. On the engineering and product development front, the committee organizes technical briefings and open workshops to inform member companies on various new technologies that may be transitioned to product and business opportunities.

Committee Members:

  • Brian Ward, Committee Chair
  • Rita Hunt
  • Mike Woodbury
  • Curtis Jackson, MilPower Source
  • Dean Schifilliti, BAE Systems
  • Ed Cosgrove
  • May-Win Thein, University of New Hampshire